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Deepfield Connect

Making life a little easier for hardworking farmers.

"Agriculture in itself is one of the most interesting lines of business there is. It is more varied than virtually any other field, for it has to do with zoology, botany, geology, chemistry, and meteorology in their widest sense."

Robert Bosch

We are experts in Connected Agriculture

Agriculture is facing great challenges. One is how to feed the world’s steadily growing population when the per capita area of arable land is shrinking in many regions.

The Bosch farm in Mooseurach circa 1927. Photo: Bosch

We aim to make hardworking farmers’ lives a little easier with smart IoT solutions that help them to increase efficiency and yields while maintaining quality.

Born to a farming family, Robert Bosch took a great personal interest in efforts to modernise agricultural practices early in the last century. This legacy continues with Deepfield Connect, a start-up launched by grow platform GmbH in 2014 to provide data-based services and robust sensor technology for farming applications.

Repurchased by Bosch.IO GmbH in January 2019, Deepfield Connect operates out of Ludwigsburg, Waiblingen, and other Bosch locations.

Deepfield Connect is one of the successful examples of Bosch.IO pursuits in agriculture. Learn more about it here.

Digital farming

Deepfield Connect aims to optimise agricultural production processes. Connected monitoring systems based on Deepfield Connect products help to increase output and assure quality. Building on the initial success of our Asparagus and Strawberry Monitoring products, we have branched out into other fruit, vegetables and milk production.