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Deepfield Connect sensor systems for agriculture 4.0
Deepfield Connect

Our connected agriculture products

Sensor-based solutions minimise farmers' risk while maximising the quality of the harvest.

Deepfield Connect products

Discover how Deepfield Connect solutions can meet your needs. Get started now with an easy, do-it-yourself retrofit package.

Deepfield Connect Asparagus Monitoring

Asparagus Monitoring

With its ability to measure temperature precisely at different depths of the asparagus bed, Deepfield Connect Asparagus Monitoring enables you to check how your asparagus is faring, from anywhere and at any time. This way, you can take swift action when temperatures soar and predict the perfect harvest time.

Just €319 a year

Deepfield Connect Field Monitoring

Field Monitoring

Timely alerts in the event of frost, heatwaves, drought and waterlogging help keep your fruit and vegetables safe from harm. Deepfield Connect Field Monitoring delivers all the data you need straight to your smartphone for you to keep a vigilant watch over your precious specialty crops. The system allows you to set your own alarm levels, giving you complete control over the necessary measures.

Starting at €319 a year

Deepfield Connect Milk Monitoring

Milk Monitoring

Deepfield Connect Milk Monitoring keeps you in the picture, always providing insight into all your milk tanks’ key functions. Prevent critical storage conditions and tank malfunctions that can cause bacteria counts to rise. Adjustable alert settings enable you to optimise the quality of your milk.

Just €279 a year

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