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Enjoy the best asparagus harvest with the Deepfield Connect app.
Deepfield Connect

Asparagus Monitoring

Increase your top-grade asparagus yield with precise temperature measurements and efficient foil management.

The benefits for your asparagus at a glance

Optimise your foil management to avoid up to 30% crop loss with Deepfield Connect.

Quality asparagus

Get on track for top-grade asparagus with efficient foil management, field-specific weather forecasts, and temperature totals.


Save time and money with no need to take manual measurements in the field and no dips in quality.


Avoid crop losses by setting high and low temperatures thresholds for the asparagus bed.

Risk detection

Minimize the risk of overheating by accurately measuring the temperature in your asparagus bed.

Convenient remote access

View field-specific data on your smartphone and share it with employees and advisors.

Do-it-yourself installation

You can easily install the Deepfield Connect system in just five minutes.

"Improper foil management is a significant risk factor in asparagus farming. The Asparagus Monitoring system effectively minimises this risk. It is always surprising how temperatures in the bed can vary in practice."

Dr. Ludger Aldenhoff, asparagus consultant

Proven in a field trial: €700+ in additional yield per hectare

An independent field trial conducted by Dr. Ludger Aldenhoff shows the extent to which Deepfield Connect Asparagus Monitoring can increase yields. The losses given are the result of improper foil management. One experiment served to investigate two adjacent beds. The foil in one bed was turned over a day earlier in response to an alert from Deepfield Connect Asparagus Monitoring. The table illustrates the effects of turning the foil over a day later in the bed that did not benefit from the Asparagus Monitoring alert.

Assumed harvest (raw material) 7,000 kg/ha
2.5% increase in losses because of hollow stems 175 kg/ha
5% increase in losses because of flowering stems 350 kg/ha
Quality downgrade because of hollow stems €4 /kg
Quality downgrade because of flowering stems €2 /kg
Total losses 1,400 /ha
25% reduction in final product (e.g. waste) €350 /ha
Preventable damage €1,050 /ha
Cost of a sensor per year €319
Additional yield with Asparagus Monitoring €731 /ha


Aldenhoff, L., BDSE e.V.: Automatische Temperaturübermittlung aus den Spargeldämmen. DLG Feldtage 16.06.2016, Haßfurt.

Foil management: Black or white?

Improper foil management results in poor quality asparagus and up to 30% crop losses.

If temperatures in the asparagus bed are too high or low, the stalks may become hollow, form ridges, or flower. Deepfield Connect addresses these challenges, monitoring the exact temperatures via sensors at four depths in the bed. The system shows you how your asparagus is faring, anytime and anywhere. The field-specific weather forecast helps you decide when to turn the foil over. The alert function warns you before it gets too hot. The temperature total helps you predict when to start harvesting your asparagus crop.

Data are sent securely to your smartphone via the Bosch IoT Cloud. The free Deepfield Connect Asparagus Monitoring app gives you a good picture of all your fields at a glance for you to check up on your precious asparagus at any time.

Deepfield Connect Asparagus Monitoring

Deepfield Connect Asparagus sensor
Deepfield Connect Asparagus Monitoring AMRA
Deepfield Connect AMRA

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