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Always keep on top of your strawberries, tomatoes, apples, pears, potatoes, and viticulture grapes.
Deepfield Connect

Field Monitoring

Monitor your valuable crops anytime and anywhere with timely alerts that enable you to act before frost, heat, disease, waterlogging or drought damage can occur.

The benefits for your specialty crops at a glance

Deepfield Connect helps guard against frost, heat, waterlogging, drought, and disease.

Yield quality

Increase the quality of your yield by means of optimised tunnel management and field-specific weather forecasts.


Save time and money by preventing crop losses and sparing yourself trips to inspect the field.


Variable alerts make it easier for you to take action before frost or excessive heat, drought or stagnant water can do any damage.

Risk detection

Identify risks at an early stage to protect your crops from frost, heat, and inefficient irrigation.

Convenient remote access

View field-specific data on your smartphone and share it with employees and advisors.

Simple do-it-yourself installation

You can install the Deepfield Connect system in a matter of minutes.

"In early summer, I installed the Deepfield Connect Field Monitoring system to remotely monitor my 3 hectares olive grove. In just one season, I was able to reduce my water consumption by more than 15%, saving hundreds of euros for electricity."

Mrs. Anna Papamichali – Greek olive grower

Protect your fruit and vegetables via smartphone

Strawberries, blueberries, potatoes, greens, stone fruit, tomatoes, viticulture grapes - they all benefit.

Fruit basket: strawberries, apples, grapes, pears

Deepfield Connect Field Monitoring uses robust sensors and smart software to alert you to frost, excessive heat, stagnant moisture, dryness, and disease at an early turn. The system also helps you put agricultural foils and fleece to better use and keep your specialty crops properly irrigated in tunnels and fields by drip irrigation or other irrigation techniques. The measuring systems send their data securely to your smartphone via the Bosch IoT Cloud. This keeps you posted on the status of your fruit, vegetables and viticulture grapes, anytime and everywhere you go.

We offer the system with four product options that provide the key data of a conventional weather station. They include temperature, air humidity, and soil moisture sensors. Simply choose the system that suits your crops and needs best.

Deepfield Connect field monitoring supports you in the event of:

Deepfield Connect Field Monitoring
  • Frost: You can count on the frost alert to report critical temperatures the moment they approach the threshold value. Then you can determine the best time to take countermeasures such as irrigating the frost or covering the crop with fleece.
  • Overheating: Plants raised under cover are particularly susceptible to damage caused by excessive heat. Our temperature guards enable you to respond promptly.
  • Fleece management: Temperature measurements taken below and above the fleece help you better manage its use.
  • Irrigation: The system measures soil moisture and sends an alert if the ground is too dry or wet, thus enabling you to optimise your irrigation control.
  • Diseases: Temperature, soil moisture and air humidity data assessment helps you better control your ventilation and prevent the onset of fungal diseases such as Phytophthora and Botrytis.

"Working closely with my advisor, Field Monitoring now lets me make sound decisions based on air temperature and soil moisture data. My almond trees are sensitive to frost and overwatering."

Dimitris, an almond grower from Ptolemaida, Greece

Download the App now and benefit from region-specific weather forecasts for free.

Deepfield Connect Field Monitoring

Deepfield Connect Field Monitoring
Deepfield Connect Field Monitoring
Deepfield Connect Field Monitoring
Deepfield Connect Field Monitoring
Deepfield Connect Field Monitoring

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